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Tone It Up Fitness
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Tone It Up Fitness
Phone: 303-718-1260

Email:  megprindy@yahoo.com


NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, ACE Personal Trainer, Peak Pilates                


  • Form Personal Training

    301 Kalamath Street #104

    Denver, CO 80223


  • In home training also available at no extra cost

Benefits of a Personal Training Program with Tone It Up Fitness
-Decreased Body Fat
-Decreased appetite and cravings
-Increased Metabolism, burn more calories at rest
-Increased Bone Density
-Improved Flexibility
-Joint and Postural Stabilization
-Improved Mood
-More Energy and boosted energy levels
-Better Sleep
-Reduced Stress Levels
-Injury and Disease Prevention
-Lower Resting Heart Rate
-Body/Mind Awareness














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